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Where to buy Re-Ment online?

Hello everyone! As you might have noticed, I'm an avid Re-Ment collector! But alas! I do not live in Japan at all! I have NEVER been to Japan, and I eventually found some ways to purchase my favorite Re-Ment series online.

So of course, I'm gonna share them with you guys here! It took me quite a lot of research and time to get all these information, so I hope it will help you too :)

I will be sharing here some sites that I have bought Re-Ments from, and also those that I know about. ;)

1) Hobby Search [Japan]
Re-Ment Page:


This has got to be one of my favorites! Not only are their costs for full Re-Ment sets really low, they offer pre-order services as well! However, they only have the recent series. They hardly restock once the items are sold out.

If your are looking to buy the complete series though, this is the best site for you!

TIP: Pre-order for the best prices! They offer SAL shipping as well!

2) Fan21HK [Hong Kong]

Fan21HK is definitely the place to go for full Re-Ment sets too. They have great prices and shipping costs. Definitely a bargain if you are looking to buy complete sets. They have some discontinued sets as well, so grab them before they are gone!

They have two eBay stores as well: Here and here.

In the eBay stores, you will be able to buy individual Re-Ment sets if you do not wish to buy the whole series.

TIP: Shipping can be a little pricey for the eBay sites, so take advantage by buying more items to get "reduced" shipping costs, instead of buying one item at a time.

They have been around for many years, so they do provide pretty good customer support. Do read about my experiences here and here where I received a wrong item.

3) Toredama @ Rakuten [Japan]

I LOVE this site! They have loads of individual Re-Ment sets for sale, and they ship internationally! Some of their prices might be a little pricey compared to what you can find on eBay, but once in a while they have really great sales where the prices go as low as 50cents to a dollar for each set.

TIP: Watch out for their frequent sales! Crazily low prices! xD

4) Goldendrop @ Rakuten [Japan]

This shop has several complete sets on sale, at really low prices. Sometimes, they are even lower than buy from actual shops in Japan itself! However, they do not offer international shipping. You will need to use a Personal Shopping Service for this site. Find out how to do so in my previous post.

TIP: If you have several items that you like from this shop, using the Personal Shopping Service can actually save you a whole load of money compared to buying anywhere else!

5) Auc-Toysanta @ Rakuten [Japan]

This shop has quite a wide selection of Re-Ment sets, as well as other miniature sets. Definitely worth checking out! Again, they do not offer international shipping. You will need to use a Personal Shopping Service for this site. Find out how to do so in my previous post. ^^

6) eBay [Various Countries]

eBay is actually a pretty good site to buy Re-Ment sets, especially if you are searching for old and discontinued series. However, that would mean that prices can go way up! My tip would be to check in regularly for new listings. You might not find what you want this week, but they have a chance of appearing a few weeks later. eBay is unpredictable though, so make decisions at your discretion, depending on how much you want that particular set.

Here are a few of my favorite eBay shops for Re-Ments:

NOTE: Most eBay shops use the term "Re-Ment" in their listings even when the item is not an actual Re-Ment product. They do that do increase their chances of appearing in searches. Always check with the official Re-Ment Product Page to find out what is available.

7) Harapeko Doggy Bag Store [Japan]

Screen shot 2013-12-21 at AM 02.17.31

The pricing might not be that great, but if there is something you can't find anywhere else, it is probably here. One cool thing about this shop though is their Secondhand Section. You will be able to find some sets at a discounted price due to imperfections in the packaging. If you do not mind it, they are definitely a great bargain since they are from the discontinued series.

8) Cuteminis [Malaysia]

Screen shot 2013-12-21 at AM 02.19.07

Cuteminis do not only stock a wide selection of Re-Ment products. They have loads of miniatures from other brands as well. Definitely worth a check!

9) Angolz [Hong Kong]

Yet another site to buy that complete set if you can't find it anywhere else! ;)

10) Modes4U [Hong Kong]

This shop is actually quite exciting if you like blind boxes. You get to purchase the sets as original blind boxes and try your luck! You can also get free international shipping if you spend over a certain amount. ;)

11) SuperBuzzy [US]

I actually find the Re-Ments on this site really expensive. But, if you can't find the sets you one anywhere else, this is definitely still better than nothing, no? ;)

12) Strapya World / Hamee [Japan]

Screen shot 2013-12-21 at AM 02.36.38

Strapya World is actually my favorite site for squishes and other random and cute Japanese products, but not Re-Ments due to the limited choices. But then again, a little blind box in a while wouldn't hurt, would it? :P

TIP: Strapya World is constantly having sales and discounts. Make sure you are subscribed to their newsletter to get the latest news!

Well guys! I sure hope this is extensive enough for you! Depending on where you are from, some shops may seem a lot cheaper or more expensive to you. So, make sure you check out several stores and compare their shipping cost to get the best prices!

If you know any other good sites to buy Re-Ment sets from, do drop me a comment! ;) Good luck in buying that Re-Ment set that you so desperately want and enjoy! xD

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