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That Fruit Tart.

I love miniatures. I have no idea what got me started, or why I'm so crazily obsessed with them. I starting crafting exactly a year ago, and 5 months into it, I was able to make this. Of course, it would not have happened without the help of Tomo Tanaka's amazing amazing book. Still, after a full month of sculpting the parts, I finally managed to finish it and the sense of satisfaction I felt was absolutely no joke! Alright, back to being modest :3

I thought I might share a few pictures of the parts I made for this fruit tart, and also a few more detailed pictures :)

^ Raspberry parts. I made a prototype and a mold out of the prototype. I would have went insane if I had to create each one individually. >.<

^ Check out the scale :)

^ Very tiny strawberry parts. These probably took me the longest time to make. I made several prototypes so that my strawberry would not all look the same! Unfortunately I still had to "poke" each hole in the strawberry individually as my mold did not capture it well. Each one is also individually painted front and back, so it definitely caused me a serious backache! D;

^ Here's a top view. I really love how it looks from the top. Arranging the fruit parts on the tart base was probably the most exciting yet nerve-wrecking part :D

^ The tart base can definitely be improved with better texturing :)

^ The scale. It is 1.8cm in diameter!

^ "Would you like to have some pie?"

^ "This is for you! <3"


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