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Re-Ment Package! #01


So yesterday we received mail!!! Let's open it!

Re-ments!!! I bought them on eBay from re-ment2007. They have a great selection but shipping can be a little pricey. D;

I dislike removing them from the plastic so I shall just show you guys stock images of what I got xD

^Disney cupcakes! Lovely, no?

^ Rilakkuma Omurice xD

^And I absolutely LOVE this! I'm kind of a pancake/hotcake person. So I just HAD to get this.

But hold on a moment...

"What's this???"
"We didn't order that!"

"We ordered #10, not #9! D;"

I opened an eBay case for that. Thankfully, the seller responded with the following: "so sorry, send u #10 tomorrow morning, very soon u will receive it, the wrong item just for your gift thanks fan"

YAY! I get to receive the right piece AND keep the one they sent by mistake. Oh the cheap thrills of life! xD

Stay tuned for more package openings! :D

If you are interested in some rare and discontinued re-ments, don't forget to check out my Storenvy! :)

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