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Re-Ment Kapibara-san Kyuru tto Cooking -「カピバラさん キュルッとクッキング」

Time for another Kapibara-san Re-ment series!

I purchased this as part of a pre-order from Hobby Search. Again, I greedily purchased two boxes. I have to stop this habit! :P

Without further ado, here goes!

1) Homemade Bread - ほかほか自家製パン
This set is super adorable! It comes with two Kapibara-san bread in a really detailed basket. Of course, the weighing scale at the back is perfect!

2) Special French Toast - 特製フレンチトースト
THIS SET COMES WITH A FRYING PAN!!! I love it! And the toast is just really really detailed!

3) Shaved Ice - ひんやりかき氷
Hehe. This set just makes me smile! The ice-shaving machine is so perfect! It even comes with a bottle of syrup for coloring :3

4) Excited Inari-san - わくわくおいなりさん
The name of this set is just so... LOL. So Inari-san (Mr. Fried Tofu??) is excited. So am I! Even the rice scoop has kapibara-san's face embedded in it! And the blue fan is just so summery and cute xD

5) Simple Curry - かんたんカレー
Here's a simple curry set! I love how Japan has these curry packs that you can just heat up and serve. I definitely have to get some when I visit next year <3

6) Making Bento Excitedly - うきうきお弁当作り
I almost died from laughing at the translation! *Composes self* Ahem. This is actually one of my favorites from this set! I really like how the onigiris look really cute and detailed. And I really appreciate that it comes with a cooking pan for the eggroll as well!

You might notice that the sticker on the cover is a little crumpled and wrinkled. This was also due to a factory error and Re-ment very kindly replaced them for me :)

7) Piping Hot Croquette - あつあつコロッケ 
Love the "masher"! Lol. I really have no idea what it is called. This set is lovely, though! :D

8) Apple Pie Making - リンゴのパイ作り
The apple pie is really cute! And I get a cute chopping board and knife as well!

The top is detachable to reveal the apple slices within ^-^

Overall, I absolutely love this set!

Someone is lost somewhere in this picture. Can you spot him? xD

That's all!

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