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Disney Choco-filled Biscuits by Morinaga


Recently, I've been really into Disney characters. I do not know what happened, by it probably is due to the influence of Abi (StudioLorien) :P She makes Disney seem so magical!

Well I came across this pack at the Japanese departmental store and just HAD to buy it.

Check out some of the contents!

I picked out the ones I liked for a picture and gobbled up the rest. (Ariel looks so pretty!!!)

Unfortunately, I think they were a little stale. Abi said that it could be that this was actually the summer packaging, and now it's.. winter. lol.

The chocolate filled was also a little crumbly. I might give it a second try if I can get my hands on a more "recent" and "fresh" pack. But for now, Hello Panda wins! :P


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