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[1:12] Bakery Cafe Project - 01

One of the personal projects that I promised myself this year was to build a 1:12 scaled bakery cafe for my miniatures.

And............. it's already December. And I just got started. lol. Talk about procrastination. Still, better late than never ;)

It's always good to first sketch out your design, but since I have already been planning this in my head for a good 11 months, it is kind of embedded and I did not bother drawing it out.

^ An overview of the materials I used.

- MDF wood boards of various sizes from Daiso for the base
- Wooden cubes from Daiso for the platform
- Thin wooden planks from Artfriend for flooring (Such a killer in the end!!!)
- Grass sheets from Artfriend for the base.

Building the Base:

The base wasn't that hard. I basically put a few pieces of MDF boards together to form the size that I wanted. Being the lazy person that I am, I avoided any cutting of the MDF boards at all, simply because they are so thick and it would just be a chore.

I also learnt that a strong tape is a lot better than trying to glue the thin edges of wood planks together. :3

Next, simply lay on the grass sheet. <3

Here's my sister's nendoroid (I have yet to find out her name) enjoying the grass with her spastic expression.

Unfortunately for me, MY GRASS IS SHEDDING!!! Even though it specifically stated at the back "NO SHEDDING". I'll have to look for a better grass sheet somehow and replace it. T^T

Building the Platform:

All I did was stick a few blocks under a MDF board xD

The Flooring:

The flooring is the most tedious part so far. I bought meter-long thin planks (1cm wide) which I hand-cut with a penknife to many pieces so as to build a more realistic looking flooring.

My hands were definitely aching after that. T^T

But, the effect is pretty okay, no? :)

I shall go into more details on how I did the flooring in Part 02!

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!!


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  1. Hey there Silvia (: I'm a fellow crafter too! Wrote an article on my blog at about affordable Daiso materials for crafting, just wanted to check with you if it would be okay to use one of your images. I credited & linked you back for it! Do let me know if you do not want it to be up and I will remove it ASAP. Thank you!