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Re-Ment Package! #02


So the mailman arrived! And I have three packages this time round!!! *Prances among imaginary field of flowers*
Let's open them and see what I got ;)

This was shipped from Hong Kong and I already know what it is. Still, I was excited!

Ta-da! Here's the Disney "Deco Cake" series <3 It is actually a discontinued series and I got the full 6 sets from Fan21HK. Register mail shipping from Hong Kong used to be pretty fast and efficient, but with their new system in place (all packages have to go through extra scanning), the shipping actually took near to 3 weeks. For registered mail, that was a pretty long wait!

Nevertheless, they have the best prices for Re-ments so you guys should definitely check them out if you are not living in Japan :)

I'm not sure if this is due to the extra handling process, but my box arrived a little tattered and dented. Which upset me a little since I like keeping my Re-ment in mint condition. D;

Andddddddddddd... stock photo for you guys! Haha! I'm awfully sorry, but I just do not want to open up the sets yet. I have no space to display them right now and I would lose parts everywhere. Still, I wanted to share with you guys what it looks like! I got the image off from AmiAmi's site. There are close up images of each individual set, so do check them out! I actually love everything here, so that was probably why I purchased the entire series :3

On to the next package!

Get them out now!

Disney Princesses Compact Mirror Series! <3 They are just perfect! I've been hunting for these for quite a while and I finally managed to get them off at a decent price. Again, this is a discontinued series >.<

From top left to right:

1) Alice in Wonderland
2) Cinderella (Castle)
3) Cinderella (Carriage)
4) Snow White

They are gorgeous! For those of you who want them, you can actually get them from my Storenvy here: ;)

Alright, on to the last package!

This is the smallest package but also the one that I have been waiting most anxiously for!

Disney Donuts!! From the Disney DONUTS Mascot series. So which one did I get?

MARIE THE CAT!!! I'm particularly excited because I have been trying to collect this whole series and I had all but this one! Just the cat that I have been searching for! >.<

YAY I NOW HAVE THE COMPLETE SERIES!!!! *self-partying in progress*

They are reallyyyyy cute! No?

Again and again, this is a discontinued series and I was really lucky to get all of them at a low price without having to spend a hundred bucks.

I actually got a couple of extras in the process so if anyone is interested, you can also find them in my Storenvy here: :)

That's enough for now I guess! Time for a nap :3


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  2. Whaa how cute, can't go wrong with Disney and you're figures are the cutest!!

  3. Thanks!! Those are my sister's nendoroids xD I "hired" them for the photoshoot :P And yes Disney will never go wrong! ^^