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Any LINE users out there? I'm a huge LINE user, because they have really interesting characters, coupled with adorable stickers that I can use while chatting with my friends :D

The company actually set up a LINE pop-up store recently here, and I happened to come across this set of 100 postcards! I did a quick search online and realised I wouldn't be able to get it anywhere else. So... I got it!

If you would like a few of the postcards below, check out my Storenvy! :D  Over here:
For those of you who wish to see all 100 of the postcards, you can check out my video of it here:

Otherwise, read on! :D

As an aspiring artist, I was really excited over the fact that there would be concept art in it! And not to mention, the box is completely gorgeous! Unlike other postcard sets that I have purchased, this box was covered in canvas!

Not to forget, the cards are MATT! I love matt cards! I mean, glossy is nice and all, but matt is always my favourite somehow because I get to enjoy the true beauty of the work without any glare :)

Check out some of the cards below! I have grouped them into similar themes :)

I actually laughed when I saw this set! xD

The adorable couple, Brown and Cony <3

I am somehow strangely attracted to this set of art... xD

Waiting for the train? 

Perfect cards for spring!

They had cards from the games as well! This seems like a fun card to send to a friend :D

Anyone plays Line Jelly? :3

Can I say that I love Sally the most? She's really cute!

Aren't these beautiful?

More beautiful scenes! <3 (Spring and Summer?)

Lonely Brown? (Autumn and Winter!)

Some art dedicated to James... he doesn't look too creepy here xD

More Brown and Cony!

Now I have cards ready for Christmas! xD

What do you think of these cards? I think they are my favourite series of postcards so far, mainly because there were lots of concept art. And check out the back of the cards below!

The prints at the back are different! Plenty of space to write in too! And I must repeat! The cards are MATT! I love matt finish cards :P

Okay, enough of my rants! Remember, you can get some of the cards over at my Storenvy here:

I can't possibly use them all! :)


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