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Hey Ugly! 30 Pretty Ugly Postcards


Ugly Ugly Ugly! How many of you have played the Ugly Dolls card game? It used to be my favourite reaction card game, and probably still is! Needless to say I just had to get this set of postcards when I saw them. They were about to go out of stock, and I hurriedly bought two sets ._.

If you wish to see all 30 cards, check out my video below! Otherwise, just scroll on for a preview :D

Overview! The back of the cards are different as well, depending on the image on its front :)

OX is definitely my favourite Ugly Doll! 

They included some comic images as well :D

Not to forget, some pretty cute photographic images of the real dolls in "action"!

Here's what I liked about this set:
  • The cards in this set are extremely colorful. 
  • The rounded corners and smooth matt surface is definitely a plus as well!
  • The back of the cards are beautifully designed as well, and is uniquely different.

I sure hope you liked this set as much as I do! Let me know below in the comments which card is your favorite, or which Ugly Doll you like best! :D


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