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Tiny Creatures


When I started crafting, I was kind of adamant to stick with just miniature food. Somehow, because of my friend Tina, I started making tiny "figures". It all begin on that fateful (lol) day.. when Tina requested for me to teach her clay crafting, as she wanted to create her own "Forever Friends" bear-head for a earphone jack. At that point of time, I was unsure at a point as to whether I would be able to do something that is not food-related. But pride got the better of me, and I was all "Heck it, it shouldn't be that hard!"

Boy, was I wrong. D;

All I had for reference were pictures of the fat bear from google images. I also had a size limit. For a earphone jack, we wouldn't want it too big at all. The smaller, the better. The worse part came during the sculpting process. It took so long to make one!!! Plus, I was using air-dry clay D; It dried so quickly and I had so much trouble sculpting it. So did Tina, of course. It was probably not the best thing to make for your first time with clay :/

After what seemed like an ETERNITY, I finally completed it! HURRAY!

^ The toughest part must have been the mouth!

^ I decided to further challenge myself and made a Totoro. Sadly, he dried to a dark grey. lol.

^ I then made Kiiroitori (right) based on the Re-ment (left). Mine has sausage-lips..

^ How they compare in terms of size.

Well, that was the start of my miniature-creature-making thingy. Heh. Just thought I might show two more I made at a later date.

^ Not-so-tiny Eeyore, based off MsParkPark's awesome tutorial on Youtube!

^ My version of minion :)

Alright that's all for now! :D

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