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Re-Ment Defects

In my two previous post on the Kapibara-san Rement series (here and here), I mentioned a couple of factory defects.

^ Misprint of face.

^ Wrinkled sticker.

I was kind of upset at first, but I decided to test my luck in the end and send an email to Re-ment. At this point, I must state clearly that I KNOW that this are just minor defects, but hey, it still upsets me, you know? :)

Being the Japanese-noob that I am, I had my sister draft out an email for me and attached the above photos. We also provided details on where we bought them.

I never thought that a large organization such as Re-ment would even respond to such emails, but yes they did! They did! And check out what came in the mail within a week :D

Mail directly from Re-ment!!!

It came with a letter, which, till today, I have no idea of the contents. xD I was only able to make out a few on the Kanji and grasp an idea of what it said.

And here's the exciting part!

They sent me new parts!!! They even gave a little memo pad as a gift. These were all nicely bubble wrapped and arrived in perfect condition.

This was definitely a pleasant surprise and I really appreciate Re-ment's prompt and amazing customer service. This is why I am such a Re-ment fan as well! <3

I have some rare and discontinued Re-ment sets for sale in my Storenvy, so make sure to check that out ;)

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