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Hey Ugly! 30 Pretty Ugly Postcards

My Re-Ment Wishlist

I love Re-Ment. I hate Re-Ment. I love that they have such amazingly detailed products. But I hate that they have so many. Am I making sense at all? :P

Just creating this post to keep track of the Re-Ment series that I wish to purchase. As of now, I don't have the budget to do so. So I need somewhere I can store the information as well :)

1. Rilakkuma Egg Breakfast - リラックマ たまごキッチン [BOUGHT! :D]

Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Postcards

Hello! So... another post on postcards again. I do apologize if that bores any of you, but it's my current obsession :P

Any Mortal Instrument fans out there? I have not read books in a long while.. and Abi suggested that I read the Mortal Instrument series. Well, I definitely am hooked right now! Currently on the third book, City of Glass. 

This set of postcards here are actually based on the movie, which I have yet to watch. If you have watched it do let me know if it is worth watching! I've read several bad reviews.. :/

Check out my Storenvy if you want any! :D

So here are the back of the cards! These cards are fairly thick, and have a marbled effect on the back. In some cards they come with a nice description about the characters.