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[1:12] Bakery Cafe Project – 02

*Read Part 1 here!*

Here's Part 2 of my project journey. In this entry, I will focus solely on how the wooden panelling for the flooring was done.

"Let's start from where we left off!"

So I was halfway done when I sort of ran out of wooden planks. No other way to solve that other than heading out to buy more wood!

"Alright! Let's get to work!"
"But.. why are we doing this anyway?"

"Wow... we definitely need to do the flooring."
"True... what do we do first?"

"Easy. First, we cut wood!"
"Ehh??!! That was fast..."

"We have to sand the edges!"

"Yay! All done!"
"Well let's lay down the pieces"

"We need this!"

"Phew... this is tough.."

"Peeling time~"

"Come help me with the planks!"

"This better be worth it..."

"Are you alright??"
"... ..."

"Stay tuned for Part 3 where we give the wood some colour!"

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