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Re-Ment Kapibara-san Family Restaurant -カピバラさん「ファミレス」

I love Kapibara-san! So, when Re-ment released a Kapibara-san set, I grabbed.. two boxes. Lol. Actually, I discovered it a little late. By the time I knew of this, it was already out of production. Still, I was lucky enough to get hold of two boxes :3

^ This is the box that contains 8 smaller boxes. Usually they are sold as blind boxes, but it is also possible to purchase the full complete series!  <3

Before we start, it's a good idea to set up the table and chairs :D
Oops. That's a little too big D;

That's more like it ;)

Let's check out each set in detail now ^_^

1) Breakfast Set - モーニングセット 
I have this thing for pancakes, so I really really love this set! And that egg! *_* I wish I have eggs shaped like that too! Overall, loving this set <3

2) Udon Set - きつねうどんセット
Time for some noodles!
Hmm. There is something wrong somewhere here. Can you guys see it? Take a closer look at the brown Kapibara-san. The face is printed too far right xD This is actually a factory defect. Luckily for me, Re-ment was quick to solve the problem by sending me a new piece :3 I love Re-ment!

3) Home Stew - オムシチュー 
This is the home stew. I actually thought it was some kind of curry dish, but I must be wrong. And goodness, I'm just loving all the Kapibara-san faces that are appearing everywhere, even on the spoon!

4) Sandwich - サンドイッチ
I love love love love love this set! The sandwich is so beautifully textured! And check out the tiny nugget pieces! The faces are embedded in as well. Super detailed!

5) Hamburger Set - ハンバーグセット 
This set just looks super delicious! The name translates to hamburger, but I'm not quite sure where the burger is. Am I missing something? :P And I really love the chick-mashed potato and that adorable mug :3 And the hotplate that is shaped like a capybara. What's there not to love here?

6) Happy Meal - お子様ランチ
Looking at this set makes me happy as well xD If I were a kid, this would be perfect. Heck, even as an adult I would love to have this! This set actually came with a cute kid's spoon. But I must have misplaced it somewhere D; I can't find it! Good thing I bought two sets, huh. >.<

7) Katsu Gozen - かつ御膳
I'm sorry I'm not able to get a proper translation for for this set. Google translate is not that reliable at times:/ But it is pretty obvious what this set is about. And this is definitely one of my favourites. It makes me hungry everytime I look at it :3

8) Pudding Dessert Set - プリンアラモード
Again, the translation's a little off for this set. Nevertheless, it is absolutely adorable. I just love the puddings and the ice-cream float so much! Comes with a menu for the whole series as well as a tiny receipt. xD

 That's all for this series! I actually display them in this Re-ment display case. The back is open though, which means dust gets in pretty quickly. I need another case for this case, lol.

Here's a closer shot.

That's all!

I have some rare and discontinued Re-ment sets for sale in my Storenvy, so make sure to check that out ;)

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  1. This is just the cutest set ever!! I'm in love with all the food sets, they are to die for! :D

  2. Thanks!! And I can't agree more! It was love at first sight *_*

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