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Re-Ment: Rilakkuma Kotatsu Set [ リラックマ「のんびりこたつセット」]

Hello!!! Today, I will be introducing one of the latest Re-Ment products, the Rilakkuma Kotatsu set!

That would be リラックマ「のんびりこたつセット」in Japanese :D When I first saw the product on the Re-Ment page, I just knew that I had to get it! It was just too cute. I pre-ordered it around last November, and now it's finally here!!!


Unagi Pie - Sesame

Today I shall introduce my favorite Japanese snack of all time... Unagi Pie!!!

For those of you who do not know, Unagi Pie is actually a sweet biscuit made from unagi powder. Unagi Pie by itself actually tastes nothing like Unagi to me, lol. The one I have here is actually the sesame-flavoured one. Check out the packaging!

I'm actually not sure why but the Japanese specialty snacks always have a nice paper wrapping around it, something I do not see often.

Kidrobot - South Park

On new year's, I was out shopping and decided to pick up another South Park Kidrobot blind box:20140101_182102

Here are the possible designs that you can collect:20140101_182131

For my very first box, I was really lucky and managed to get Professor Chaos! As you can see, the probability of picking up Professor Chaos is unknown. He is probably quite rare!

This is my second box, and I was really hoping to get Eric Cartman!

Hobby Search Package!

So, I'm not a very efficient person. =P I realized I actually edited the photos for this post a few weeks back and forgot all about it :3

Anyway, I finally received my long-waited package from Hobby Search! Check out the huge box:20131224_105540
This time, my box arrived perfectly and safely :D