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Hello! I'm Silvia. The name Dieneryn is actually an elvish translation of my name. Yes, I'm a LotR fan :)

I love Re-Ment. I hate Re-Ment. I love that they have such amazingly detailed products. But I hate that they have so many. Am I making sense at all? :P

Just creating this post to keep track of the Re-Ment series that I wish to purchase. As of now, I don't have the budget to do so. So I need somewhere I can store the information as well :)

1. Rilakkuma Egg Breakfast - リラックマ たまごキッチン [BOUGHT! :D]

Hello! So... another post on postcards again. I do apologize if that bores any of you, but it's my current obsession :P

Any Mortal Instrument fans out there? I have not read books in a long while.. and Abi suggested that I read the Mortal Instrument series. Well, I definitely am hooked right now! Currently on the third book, City of Glass. 

This set of postcards here are actually based on the movie, which I have yet to watch. If you have watched it do let me know if it is worth watching! I've read several bad reviews.. :/

Check out my Storenvy if you want any! :D

So here are the back of the cards! These cards are fairly thick, and have a marbled effect on the back. In some cards they come with a nice description about the characters.

Any LINE users out there? I'm a huge LINE user, because they have really interesting characters, coupled with adorable stickers that I can use while chatting with my friends :D

The company actually set up a LINE pop-up store recently here, and I happened to come across this set of 100 postcards! I did a quick search online and realised I wouldn't be able to get it anywhere else. So... I got it!

If you would like a few of the postcards below, check out my Storenvy! :D  Over here:

I'm back with more Pixar! 
I like the back of these cards a lot more than the first volume! :)

You can read about the first volume here:

If you like any of the cards below, you can purchase individual cards from my Storenvy here:

Sharing is caring! So the cards are going at super cheap prices!
Hey guys! So I wonder how many of you are fans of Pixar? Don't they just have some of the best stories??? Since I was addicted to postcards as well, I just had to get this set of cards!


If you check out my pictures below, I'm sure you will love them too!

If you like any of the cards below, you can purchase individual cards from my Storenvy here:

Sharing is caring! So the cards are going at super cheap prices!

Hey there! Here's another One Piece post! :3 So today we are looking at yet another gift from Abi and Mr. Panda of StudioLorien <3 

It's a Going Merry model from the Grand Ship Collection! I can't tell you how ecstatic I was when I received this! Going Merry is my favorite ship from One Piece, and for those of you who watch the anime, you would recall the really heart-wrenching moment when Merry died.. :'( But!! Now I own the figure so I can look at it any time :D

I have a video below! So stay tuned! :D

Finally! A proper blog post! I actually took pictures for this post over a month ago, but never did had the time to edit them. Well here it is! 

S.H.Figuarts One Piece - Sanji 

This was a gift from my best friend Abi (StudioLorien) and I absolutely love it! And you shall see why!
*image heavy post!*

I wonder how many of you have heard of the beautiful Flower Fairies illustrations by Cicely Mary Barker? Recently, if you have been following, I have been really interested in writing and collecting postcards. In my hunt for postcards, I came across these beautiful babies!

HELLO EVERYONE! So this marks my 31st post on blogging and the very 1st post on Blogger! Some of you might have know that I've recently shifted over from Wordpress. And up till now, I find uploading photos a lot easier here on Blogger.

Anywho, I've received an amazing amazing package from my lovely and best friend Abi from Studio Lorien! If you guys are interested to know what I've sent her, don't forget to check out her video:

Alright. Before I show everyone the detailed pictures of everything, here's an overview of what I've received:

EVERYONE. ABI IS CRAZY. Look at all that stuff! Mind you, that was the whole of my bed! Goodness!
Hey guys!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I haven't had enough time to take pictures for the blog. Since I'm pickypicky and would only take pictures when there is natural sunlight. And since I'm hardly home... well.

So, I've sort of started with a new hobby. I'm really into postcards right now; sending and receiving alike. I started sending out postcards to my friends abroad, and also signed up on PostCrossing. If you have not heard, PostCrossing allows you to send and receive postcards to and from random people around the world. It is an interesting journey, I must add. I enjoyed the days I sat down in a nice cosy Starbucks writing postcards to random people, thinking about what I would like to say to them. Am I starting to sound weird? xD

Anyway, I'm here to share some of the postcards I have handmade for my friends, and also some beautiful cards that I have sent and received. Check out the pictures below! :D


These are handmade by me, for my special friends :D
Donald for Abi from StudioLorien.
Oswald for Mr.Panda from StudioLorien.
Kapibara-san for Daria from TheBerryHolic.

Hello!!! Today, I will be introducing one of the latest Re-Ment products, the Rilakkuma Kotatsu set!

That would be リラックマ「のんびりこたつセット」in Japanese :D When I first saw the product on the Re-Ment page, I just knew that I had to get it! It was just too cute. I pre-ordered it around last November, and now it's finally here!!!

Today I shall introduce my favorite Japanese snack of all time... Unagi Pie!!!

For those of you who do not know, Unagi Pie is actually a sweet biscuit made from unagi powder. Unagi Pie by itself actually tastes nothing like Unagi to me, lol. The one I have here is actually the sesame-flavoured one. Check out the packaging!

I'm actually not sure why but the Japanese specialty snacks always have a nice paper wrapping around it, something I do not see often.
On new year's, I was out shopping and decided to pick up another South Park Kidrobot blind box:20140101_182102

Here are the possible designs that you can collect:20140101_182131

For my very first box, I was really lucky and managed to get Professor Chaos! As you can see, the probability of picking up Professor Chaos is unknown. He is probably quite rare!

This is my second box, and I was really hoping to get Eric Cartman!
So, I'm not a very efficient person. =P I realized I actually edited the photos for this post a few weeks back and forgot all about it :3

Anyway, I finally received my long-waited package from Hobby Search! Check out the huge box:20131224_105540
This time, my box arrived perfectly and safely :D
It's time to look at Nendoroid After Parts 02!

Click here to view Nendoroid After Parts 01!
Click here to read about where I got them from!

This will be a short and sweet post ^^

New accessories again!
Here's a short and quick review on the latest Nendoroid After Parts 01!

Click here to view Nendoroid After Parts 02!
Click here to read about where I got them from!

If you are unsure of what these are, they are simply parts that you can attach to your nendoroid figures to "brighten" them up. Without further ado, here we go!

New accessories for us! xD The box reveals a bubble wrapped package. I guess that is pretty good for protecting the fragile parts!

Here are the contents ;)

Hello! So today, I will be reviewing (sort of) the latest Iron Man Nendoroid, which actually includes a pretty amazing Hall of Armor!!

Read my previous post to find out where I got it from. :D

I will try to blab less and show more pictures in this post. So gear up! xD

Here's what the box looks like! We're getting a new friend today! :3

Here's the bottom xD

Back view :3 It shows a preview of the different poses this set can achieve :D


Le random Cookie-loving post xD
Hello everyone! As you might have noticed, I'm an avid Re-Ment collector! But alas! I do not live in Japan at all! I have NEVER been to Japan, and I eventually found some ways to purchase my favorite Re-Ment series online.

So of course, I'm gonna share them with you guys here! It took me quite a lot of research and time to get all these information, so I hope it will help you too :)

I will be sharing here some sites that I have bought Re-Ments from, and also those that I know about. ;)

1) Hobby Search [Japan]
Re-Ment Page:


This has got to be one of my favorites! Not only are their costs for full Re-Ment sets really low, they offer pre-order services as well! However, they only have the recent series. They hardly restock once the items are sold out.

If your are looking to buy the complete series though, this is the best site for you!

TIP: Pre-order for the best prices! They offer SAL shipping as well!

2) Fan21HK [Hong Kong]

Fan21HK is definitely the place to go for full Re-Ment sets too. They have great prices and shipping costs. Definitely a bargain if you are looking to buy complete sets. They have some discontinued sets as well, so grab them before they are gone!

They have two eBay stores as well: Here and here.

In the eBay stores, you will be able to buy individual Re-Ment sets if you do not wish to buy the whole series.

TIP: Shipping can be a little pricey for the eBay sites, so take advantage by buying more items to get "reduced" shipping costs, instead of buying one item at a time.

They have been around for many years, so they do provide pretty good customer support. Do read about my experiences here and here where I received a wrong item.

3) Toredama @ Rakuten [Japan]

I LOVE this site! They have loads of individual Re-Ment sets for sale, and they ship internationally! Some of their prices might be a little pricey compared to what you can find on eBay, but once in a while they have really great sales where the prices go as low as 50cents to a dollar for each set.

TIP: Watch out for their frequent sales! Crazily low prices! xD

4) Goldendrop @ Rakuten [Japan]

This shop has several complete sets on sale, at really low prices. Sometimes, they are even lower than buy from actual shops in Japan itself! However, they do not offer international shipping. You will need to use a Personal Shopping Service for this site. Find out how to do so in my previous post.

TIP: If you have several items that you like from this shop, using the Personal Shopping Service can actually save you a whole load of money compared to buying anywhere else!

5) Auc-Toysanta @ Rakuten [Japan]

This shop has quite a wide selection of Re-Ment sets, as well as other miniature sets. Definitely worth checking out! Again, they do not offer international shipping. You will need to use a Personal Shopping Service for this site. Find out how to do so in my previous post. ^^

6) eBay [Various Countries]

eBay is actually a pretty good site to buy Re-Ment sets, especially if you are searching for old and discontinued series. However, that would mean that prices can go way up! My tip would be to check in regularly for new listings. You might not find what you want this week, but they have a chance of appearing a few weeks later. eBay is unpredictable though, so make decisions at your discretion, depending on how much you want that particular set.

Here are a few of my favorite eBay shops for Re-Ments:

NOTE: Most eBay shops use the term "Re-Ment" in their listings even when the item is not an actual Re-Ment product. They do that do increase their chances of appearing in searches. Always check with the official Re-Ment Product Page to find out what is available.

7) Harapeko Doggy Bag Store [Japan]

Screen shot 2013-12-21 at AM 02.17.31

The pricing might not be that great, but if there is something you can't find anywhere else, it is probably here. One cool thing about this shop though is their Secondhand Section. You will be able to find some sets at a discounted price due to imperfections in the packaging. If you do not mind it, they are definitely a great bargain since they are from the discontinued series.

8) Cuteminis [Malaysia]

Screen shot 2013-12-21 at AM 02.19.07

Cuteminis do not only stock a wide selection of Re-Ment products. They have loads of miniatures from other brands as well. Definitely worth a check!

9) Angolz [Hong Kong]

Yet another site to buy that complete set if you can't find it anywhere else! ;)

10) Modes4U [Hong Kong]

This shop is actually quite exciting if you like blind boxes. You get to purchase the sets as original blind boxes and try your luck! You can also get free international shipping if you spend over a certain amount. ;)

11) SuperBuzzy [US]

I actually find the Re-Ments on this site really expensive. But, if you can't find the sets you one anywhere else, this is definitely still better than nothing, no? ;)

12) Strapya World / Hamee [Japan]

Screen shot 2013-12-21 at AM 02.36.38

Strapya World is actually my favorite site for squishes and other random and cute Japanese products, but not Re-Ments due to the limited choices. But then again, a little blind box in a while wouldn't hurt, would it? :P

TIP: Strapya World is constantly having sales and discounts. Make sure you are subscribed to their newsletter to get the latest news!

Well guys! I sure hope this is extensive enough for you! Depending on where you are from, some shops may seem a lot cheaper or more expensive to you. So, make sure you check out several stores and compare their shipping cost to get the best prices!

If you know any other good sites to buy Re-Ment sets from, do drop me a comment! ;) Good luck in buying that Re-Ment set that you so desperately want and enjoy! xD
Hey guys! So I know that many of you face problems when you wish to buy some exciting goods (such as DIY candy kits and cute toys/stickers) from Japan and have no idea where to buy them from. Worse still, you find them but they do not provide international shipping!

If you have came across those problems, then this post is perfect for you! Instead of going to your favorite youtubers and begging and hoping that they would help you buy some items or send you stuff for free (lol, fat hope!), you can actually buy what you want YOURSELF. :D Perfect, no?

If you have not known by now, there are many forwarding and personal shopping services available. I will break them up below so you can understand the difference between the two.

Here are the "Contents" of this post (color-indexed):
1 - Forwarding Services
2 - Personal Shopping Services
3 - Tips on using such services
4 - Sites to shop from

1 - Forwarding services:

Forwarding services tend to be more "professional" in the sense that they are usually an actual company that helps you ship items you have purchased from Japanese online shops to your home. You can use a forwarding service if the online shop does not provide shipping to your country.

If you are familiar with Rakuten, you should know that their recommended forwarding service is Tenso.

Screen shot 2013-12-20 at PM 11.38.10

How it works is that Tenso actually provides you with an address in Japan where you can deliver your items to after you have paid for them online. They then charge you a service fee according to the weight of your items and international shipping fee to ship your package to you.

Screen shot 2013-12-20 at PM 11.46.58
^ This is an approximation of the total fees you will incur for a package that weighs less than 1kg. For more details please click HERE.


  • Service is relatively fast and secure.

  • If you do not have a Japanese credit card, or simply have trouble navigating the site, they are able to buy the product on your behalf, for a fee, of course ;)Screen shot 2013-12-21 at AM 12.00.54

  • They offer a Package Consolidation Service where you can consolidate your packages together (duh!) to save on shipping.


  • The sign up process is rather tedious. You have to provide an image of your identification for verification purposes. Some people might feel uneasy with this. Also, the verification takes about one working day to process. If you are in a rush to purchase, do make sure you have signed up for Tenso beforehand.

  • If the online shop only accept payments via bank transfer or convenience store payments, Tenso is unable to purchase for you at all.

  • Tenso only provides services for online shopping.

  • Tenso only ships via EMS, which means that shipping is costly.

2 - Personal Shopping Services

Personal shopping service is well, basically what the term suggests ;) They actually do your shopping on your behalf. This means that you can practically shop ANYWHERE or buy anything you want from Japan, as long as it is allowed for shipping. And yes, when I meant anywhere and anything, I meant it! You can have them purchase a concert ticket for you, some goods from an Akihabara store, anything, really, if you are willing to pay for it. You can even be as vague as telling them that you want a "Hello Kitty Humidifier" and they will search it up for you.

There are many of such services out there, and all you have to do is do an online search to find the one that suits you. Every site has their own fees and service charges so it will be good to do a little comparison to see which one suits you best.

Since I have personally only tried Personal Shopper J, I will only be able to give "reviews" based on my experience with them. [Disclaimer: I have not been paid in anyway by Personal Shopper J to write about them.]

Screen shot 2013-12-21 at AM 12.23.21

Shopping with them is really simple. Simply email them and tell them what you want. They will actually search for the item for you, and give you a price estimation, for free! That is pretty good service I would say. ;)



  • You can literally buy anything you want from Japan.

  • They accept paypal payment.

  • They are even able to travel to stores to shop for you, if you are willing to pay the traveling fee.

  • They provide several types of shipping (SAL, EMS), which means you can save cost on shipping.

  • They respond really fast, even on weekends.

  • They are able to do a search for you even if you have no idea what the product's name is. Just show them an image. ;)

  • They can even place bids in auctions for you!


  • There is a handling fee from each shop/location you choose to shop from. So if you wish to shop from several locations, be ready to spend a lot.

3 - Tips on using such services

  • There is always an extra charge when you want to buy your items from more than one shop. So try your best to buy everything from the same shop.

  • Do your own research to search for the best prices. You can always depend on the personal shopping service to search for you, but they might not be able to find one at the lowest price for you.

  • Don't be shy to ask for price estimations. I have realized that sometimes using a personal shopping service saves me a lot more money then trying to buy the thing I want off eBay, simply because the item was way overpriced as compared to the original price in Japan.

4 - Sites to shop from

Here are some online shops that you can shop from to buy your favorite Japanese products ;)

I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it useful! I will be adding more information as and when I feel that it is necessary. Also, if you know of a good site, please do not hesitate to comment and share your experiences! I will then add it to the list ^^

So I received a huggggeeeee package today! You probably can tell from the title of this post, but still! xD

This is a pre-order package that I ordered from Hobby Search. I had to wait for several months before it was ready, so I AM TOTALLY EXCITED!
If you have read my first Re-Ment package post, you would have known that I received a wrong item from my eBay order. The seller actually kindly decided to send me the right item, and I did not have to return the wrong one! Talk about good customer service! :)

Ta-da! I received it! It was quick, too. Much faster than the registered parcel!
[Very detailed images included in this post! ^^]
When I first got into Re-Ments, I did not just like the character series. I was actually pretty drawn in by the Petite Sample Series as well, and today, I thought I might introduce my favourite Re-Ment set of all time.
Re-Ment Elegant Sweets - 01 Socialite's Tea Party

When I first saw someone with this set on Instagram, I was like "WOAH. Is that a miniature?" It was definitely love at first sight! I love how detailed this set looked, compared to the other Re-Ments that I've had. I also liked the fact that it came with a biscuit "tin".

So of course, I went to search for it online! To my dismay, this set is from a discontinued series. :( That and, I could not find it on ebay at all, or any other site. I probably found a couple listings out there, but they all cost at least 50 dollars (including shipping).

I actually searched for a couple of weeks before I found a listing on eBay Japan. It was going for a reasonable price and I immediately snapped it up!
At this point I think I should stop rambling and actually show you guys the pictures lol.

Sometime back this year, the ever so popular Mister Donut and Hello Kitty did a collaboration and came out with a series of Kitty-themed donuts. They looked really delicious to me, and since I don't live in Japan, they are also sadly out-of-reach.
To a donut-lover like me, this is totally unacceptable! xP So like what most people would do, I tried to recreate them in my own way, somehow. Now before you start criticizing my clay creations (lol), let me just say that I KNOW that mine looks nothing like the real deal. Granted, I still have a lot to work on improving them, but for now, here they are ^^:
They definitely look a lot different D;

So the mailman arrived! And I have three packages this time round!!! *Prances among imaginary field of flowers*

I met up with my friend who just returned from Japan yesterday and look what she got me as a gift!!! A Re-ment set from the Rilakkuma Japanese Cafe series!!! I actually ordered the whole series of 8 from HobbySearch, but still, I was really excited.
In my two previous post on the Kapibara-san Rement series (here and here), I mentioned a couple of factory defects.

^ Misprint of face.
Time for another Kapibara-san Re-ment series!

I purchased this as part of a pre-order from Hobby Search. Again, I greedily purchased two boxes. I have to stop this habit! :P

Without further ado, here goes!

1) Homemade Bread - ほかほか自家製パン
This set is super adorable! It comes with two Kapibara-san bread in a really detailed basket. Of course, the weighing scale at the back is perfect!

2) Special French Toast - 特製フレンチトースト
THIS SET COMES WITH A FRYING PAN!!! I love it! And the toast is just really really detailed!

3) Shaved Ice - ひんやりかき氷
Hehe. This set just makes me smile! The ice-shaving machine is so perfect! It even comes with a bottle of syrup for coloring :3

4) Excited Inari-san - わくわくおいなりさん
The name of this set is just so... LOL. So Inari-san (Mr. Fried Tofu??) is excited. So am I! Even the rice scoop has kapibara-san's face embedded in it! And the blue fan is just so summery and cute xD

5) Simple Curry - かんたんカレー
Here's a simple curry set! I love how Japan has these curry packs that you can just heat up and serve. I definitely have to get some when I visit next year <3

6) Making Bento Excitedly - うきうきお弁当作り
I almost died from laughing at the translation! *Composes self* Ahem. This is actually one of my favorites from this set! I really like how the onigiris look really cute and detailed. And I really appreciate that it comes with a cooking pan for the eggroll as well!

You might notice that the sticker on the cover is a little crumpled and wrinkled. This was also due to a factory error and Re-ment very kindly replaced them for me :)

7) Piping Hot Croquette - あつあつコロッケ 
Love the "masher"! Lol. I really have no idea what it is called. This set is lovely, though! :D

8) Apple Pie Making - リンゴのパイ作り
The apple pie is really cute! And I get a cute chopping board and knife as well!

The top is detachable to reveal the apple slices within ^-^

Overall, I absolutely love this set!

Someone is lost somewhere in this picture. Can you spot him? xD

That's all!

I have some rare and discontinued Re-ment sets for sale in my Storenvy, so make sure to check that out ;)