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Going Merry! [Grand Ship Collection]


Hey there! Here's another One Piece post! :3 So today we are looking at yet another gift from Abi and Mr. Panda of StudioLorien <3 

It's a Going Merry model from the Grand Ship Collection! I can't tell you how ecstatic I was when I received this! Going Merry is my favorite ship from One Piece, and for those of you who watch the anime, you would recall the really heart-wrenching moment when Merry died.. :'( But!! Now I own the figure so I can look at it any time :D

I have a video below! So stay tuned! :D

 Sanji loves the Going Merry as well :3

I haven't tried plastic models in a real long time!

Inside the box...

Lots of pieces!

The guide that came along with the model :)

Overview of parts?

  It includes step by step instructions!

So, if you wanna see how I built my model (clumsily!), do check out the video below! Else, skip it and check out the pictures below :D

Thanks for watching my video :3

On to the pictures!

COMPLETED! It took a really long time since there was a lot of stickers I had to attach on.. but I love it!

Straw Hats go go go!

Isn't it gorgeous?

I wish it came with mini figures for the ship.. 

Back view :3

Check out the details!

Supposed to be Nami's mikan trees.. But I see no mikans :P

They even included an anchor for extra detail :D I could probably attach a chain to it!

Luffy's favorite spot :D

Movable mini canon :D

Can I repeat that I love the details? :3

The "metal" section of the ship.. was created by stickers! Cool huh?

It comes with another stand as well! :D And that's all for this post! Did you like the model as much as I did? :3


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