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S.H.Figuarts One Piece - Sanji


Finally! A proper blog post! I actually took pictures for this post over a month ago, but never did had the time to edit them. Well here it is! 

S.H.Figuarts One Piece - Sanji 

This was a gift from my best friend Abi (StudioLorien) and I absolutely love it! And you shall see why!
*image heavy post!*

So here's the top... *le random image*

And... the back! So what is that? Apparently there was an extra face that came along with the box!

Well, the face was actually sort of a "replacement", since they missed out one of the faces that was featured on the box. That's really nice of them! :3

The back of the box in full glory.

Close up, for those who are interested. :D

Sanji unboxed!!! <3 Oh my sweet sweet love!

Zoom in on all the facial expressions available! Wanna guess which is my favourite? :P

4 pairs of extra hands!

And a detachable suit!

Came with a plate of yummilicious rice as well :3

So here is Sanji beside a nendoroid. He is approximately 14-15cm tall, which makes him 1/12th scale. That is perfect for my miniature cafe! :3

Close up on Sanji...

Even closer!!!

Check out the perfect colours.

His feet.. they are adjustable as well!

So I've realised that this figure poses really well, and I started loving it even more :3

Ooops. Detached head. But only to show you guys how the face change works ;)

Remove the top hair to change the face. It's that simple! :D

Fancy some lunch? :D

Shhhh... Sanji is posing for a photoshoot!

More posing...

And posing... :)

And check out his palm! I love how details like palm lines were also included. Interestingly, Sanji appears to have the same palm lines as me :D

Alright, action time!

Don't you mess with Sanji!

I think he looks good from every angle...


Yet another expression :)

So here's Sanji, detached. 

It's interesting how they included details like the belt even for places that are hidden. Talk about quality!

Comparing the two suits. Can you see the difference in material?

The detached piece is actually rubbery :3

What is Sanji doing now??

Oh!! Push ups! I guess he wants to look good in front of Nami-San and Robin-Chwan~~~ 

Sit-ups too?? Really??

Sanji in a desperate kneeling post. Looks almost like he is being punished. :P

Why oh why?

He looks good anyway!

Oh and here's a kick to your face! xD


What about a flaming kick now??

Check out the details of the flames as well! :D

Right.. so what's with the exercise again?


What an expression! But I can't deny that I love it. He must have spotted Nami or Robin <3

Now now....

Details on the palms again! :D

Oh gropey hands! xD

Looks like a weird perverted man huh...

So what do you think of Sanji? I find that I pretty much loved this set.. He's very posable, and the quality is near perfection! I wish I would be able to collect more from the same series!

I hope you enjoyed the images! I'll end off with two more *model* images of Sanji... <3

Have an awesome weekend! Bye! :D


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