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Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Postcards

Hello! So... another post on postcards again. I do apologize if that bores any of you, but it's my current obsession :P

Any Mortal Instrument fans out there? I have not read books in a long while.. and Abi suggested that I read the Mortal Instrument series. Well, I definitely am hooked right now! Currently on the third book, City of Glass. 

This set of postcards here are actually based on the movie, which I have yet to watch. If you have watched it do let me know if it is worth watching! I've read several bad reviews.. :/

Check out my Storenvy if you want any! :D

So here are the back of the cards! These cards are fairly thick, and have a marbled effect on the back. In some cards they come with a nice description about the characters.

I'll ramble less and let you guys enjoy the pictures below :D 

Did you see any cards you like? I love the cards with runes :3 

If you are a fan, I hope you'll share with me who your favourite character is! I'm totally in love with Magnus Bane, though he's kind of gay xD I love how he is always described with lots of glitter floating about :3

If you like any of the cards you can get them individually here:

I hope you enjoyed it! :D


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