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Re-Ment: Rilakkuma Kotatsu Set [ リラックマ「のんびりこたつセット」]

Hello!!! Today, I will be introducing one of the latest Re-Ment products, the Rilakkuma Kotatsu set!

That would be リラックマ「のんびりこたつセット」in Japanese :D When I first saw the product on the Re-Ment page, I just knew that I had to get it! It was just too cute. I pre-ordered it around last November, and now it's finally here!!!


20140130_180137 20140130_180322
^Apparently there are two Re-Ment sets that are recommend to use with the kotatsu. I already own the Homemade Series. Now, I REALLY REALLY want the Gohan Series!!! It is actually the latest series, released at the same time as this kotatsu.

Screen shot 2014-01-31 at AM 01.40.38
LOOK AT HOW CUTE IT IS. I WANNA HAVE IT SO BADDDD. Sadly I'll have to wait a couple months before I buy it since I have overspent the past few months and I'm on a real tight budget now T^T

Well, ANYWAYS. I need to stop rambling. Let's continue!

So here is an overview of the contents! I'm kinda excited over the fact that it's furniture. I love miniature furniture and so this was definitely the thing for me.

LOOK AT THE DETAIL! The little cushions are adorable!!!

Here's the "blanket". It has Rilakkuma's face and dangos printed all over xD

And we have the realistic table! It has the power thingy at the bottom of the table as well :3

Table-top! It has to sides to it; brown and white. I'll show the white top towards the end of this post :D

All set up! As usual, the set is a little too big for nendoroids. But... I DON'T CARE CAUSE IT'S SO CUTE.

As you can see, the nendoroid needs to sit on double cushions to be able to see over the table-top. xD

Time for tea?

Tea for you? xD

DANGO!!! <3

Most of my Rilakkuma Re-Ments are not opened so I had to make do with my Kapibara-san sets xD

And here's the white table-top! The "blanket" can also be removed when it is no longer winter :P
Alright guys that's all for this post! Do feel free to comment if you have anything to ask me regarding this set. :)


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