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Hobby Search Package!

So, I'm not a very efficient person. =P I realized I actually edited the photos for this post a few weeks back and forgot all about it :3

Anyway, I finally received my long-waited package from Hobby Search! Check out the huge box:20131224_105540
This time, my box arrived perfectly and safely :D

20131224_122931As usual, Hobby Search takes a lot of care in their packaging!

Here's my order list. I don't think I was thinking straight when I purchased all these :3

Let's continue opening the package:20131224_123132


Ahhh so much paper!!!

So one of the things that I got is this Dollybird magazine. It's filled with beautiful images for dolls and teaches you how to make clothes for them! And I wanna own the Miku on the cover page so badly D;

Next, I bought more Tamiya Baking Master. This is my third one, LOL. I don't know why I keep on buying them even when I have not finished my current ones >.> I also purchased the Weathering Master Set G and H. They are actually meant for shading figurines. (I have no idea which figurines I'm going to shade...)

I bought more Tamiya stuff :3 These are basically plastic plates and rods that I need for my miniatures. I also bought the Epoxy Putty, which is really good for prototyping!

20131224_130749AND I BOUGHT TONY TONY CHOPPER!!! He was on sale, LOL. I just had to grab him! I'll do a separate unboxing post on him in the future. :3

And I bought more re-ments :x These two sets are really really adorable and I can't wait to open them!

Alright, that's all for my short and sweet post =P

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  1. Great post as usual! May I ask what camera you use? Thanks!